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About "Leipzig - Chance for Science"

As part of the DAAD funding program: “Ukraine digital: Ensuring academic success in times of crisis (2022)“, Leipzig University’s “Chance for science” project aims to support Ukrainian students and doctoral candidates from their partner universities in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Sumy, which were particularly affected by the war. “Leipzig – Chance for Science” initiative was conducted by Leipzig University’s Professor Dr. Carmen Bachmann, with a network of 176 Ukrainian professors, postdoctoral researchers, and doctoral students from more than 30 higher education institutions in Ukraine. The project identified a couple of teaching challenges which were addressed by including, on one hand, the development and implementation of a digital teaching offer for qualitative and quantitative research methods offered in English and Ukrainian langauges. Additionally, The courses will be used in the curriculum of the partner universities’s Bachelor and Master degree study programs, for which there is currently no course offering. On the other hand, a doctoral program is being implemented for young researchers who were affected by war and/or displacement, which would enable them to further their doctoral studies. Doctoral candidates also receive both professional scientific support including, but not limited to, workshops on topics related to their scientific work (e.g., preparation of journal articles), as well as financial assistance through a funded scolarship.


July – December 2022


Digital teaching offers via distance learning

Project Overview

The main objectives of “Leipzig – Chance for Science” include the implementation of the “Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods” teaching program for undergraduate and graduate students, and a doctoral programme for young Ukrainian academics and scientists, all of whom were affected and/or displaced by the war.

Digital teaching offer “Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods”

With the support of lecturers from our partner universities, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Donetsk National Technical University and Sumy State University, the teaching offer will be coordinated accordingly. The aim of this program is to provide supplementary courses on empirical research methods for the currently severely restricted teaching situtation across all three universities. The digital seminar which comes with an integrated exercise is aimed at students in the highly frequented educational and social science degree programmes. Depending on the specific needs of each university, the courses will be offered in English and Ukrainian languages from September to early December 2022.

Doctoral programme for 24 young academics from Ukraine

In August 2022, a total of 24 young researchers from Ukraine commenced their digital doctoral program with a kick-off meeting. The programme aims to support Ukrainian doctoral candidates who were particularily affected and/or displaced by the war academically and financially, to help them further their doctoral projects abroad. In this regard, the PhD students will have the opportunity to present their doctoral projects at the “Chance for Science” digital conference on September 8 and 9, 2022. Aditionally, the young scientists will enhance their knowledge and skills in scientific writing, methods of empirical social research and procedures of the publication process in digital workshops. For instance, a paper development workshop will be offered to assist doctoral students in the preparation of their journal articles. The doctoral students will also be financially supported through a funded scolarship starting from August till December 2022.


To achieve the aforementionned objectives, the following measures are being adopted throughout the course of the project:

  • Identification of the target groups at the three partner universities
  • Planning of the number of courses and thematic focus
  • Development of a didactic concept that fits the specific needs of the heterogenous student groups in the social and educational sciences
  • Assessment of prior knowledge of the students and
  • Preparation of the teaching materials
  • Development of a Ukrainian-language parallel course for each higher education institution together with experienced university lecturers at the respective partner universities
  • Editing of the learning materials by Ukrainian lecturers living in Germany on the run with German language skills
  • Realization of the weekly online courses at each University (at least two students groups per each site)
  • Implementation of the courses via Zoom with a course size of 30 participants
  • Design of a Moodle course as a learning management system with integrated exchange platform for students as well as access to course materials, research data and accompanying information.
  • Course language: English and Ukrainian
  • Certificate of achievement: research report (10 pages) on an educational and social science topic with a data set provided
  • Digital teaching conference after the module for the subject-specific exchange of Ukrainian lecturers with colleagues from Germany.
  • Presentations on digital competences with regard to teaching and methods and subsequent discussions among the participants.
  • Subject-specific exchange of Ukrainian doctoral students with German academics and strengthening of digital competences of the participants.
    1. Short presentations by the doctoral students on the core topics of the doctoral project
    2. Subsequent discussion for professional exchange
  • Online workshops by the Leipzig University
    1. Topics are for example Paper Development Dos and Don’ts, Scientific Writing, Research methods
    2. Support from the Research Academy Leipzig

Project Team

Donetsk National Technical University

Donetsk National Technical University

Prof. Dr. Maryna Kabanets

Head of Language Training

Email: maryna.kabanets@donntu.edu.ua

Dr. Liudmyla Adariukova

Senior Lecturer
Language Training Department

Email: liudmyla.adariukova@donntu.edu.ua

Sumy State University

Sumy State University

Prof. Dr. Yuriy Petrushenko

Head of Department of International
Economics Relations

Email: y.petrushenko@biem.sumdu.edu.ua

Dr. Svitlana Tarasenko

Senior Lecturer
Department of International Economics Relations

Email: s.tarasenko@biem.sumdu.edu.ua

Prof. Dr. Oleksii Plastun

Chair of International Economics

Email: o.plastun@biem.sumdu.edu.ua

Dr. Andriana Kostenko

Associate Professor
Department of Psychology, Political Science and Sociocultural Technologies

Email: kostenkopr@ukr.net

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

V.N. Kharkiv National university

Prof. Dr. Nadiia Kazakova

Head of Department
Artur Golikov International Economic Relations Department

Email: kazakovan@ukr.net

Dr. Maryna Shuba

Associate Professor
Artur Golikov International Economic Relations Department

Email: marinashuba@karazin.ua

Dr. Alina Sholom

Associate Professor
Artur Golikov International Economic Relations Department

Email: sholom@karazin.ua

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